How I deal with seasonal allergies

By Tori Hopp - 11:41 AM

Spring is officially here and that, for me, means allergies. I have struggled my whole life with severe allergies and not just in the spring, my allergies are usually an issue for me year round. The changes in the temperature do not help - thanks climate change.

So a few years ago I decided I was done with antihistamines and decongestants and wanted to find a better, all natural alternative. Antihistamines are really bad on your body when used in large quantities and sometimes my allergies were so bad I would take two or three at a time and still be miserable.  I was informed by my doctor that I was doing serious damage to my body and I needed to find another solution. That's when I found nettle.

Nettle is great as an antihistamine and is easy to take. You can get it in tea form (which is vegan!) or you can do what I do - take it in pill form. I get the pills from my local health food store and they are easy to take when I am taking my daily vitamin and B12. I take it three times a day like suggested and I haven't had an allergy flair-up in a long time!

The science behind this is that it helps reduce histamine levels. The jury is still out on if this can be a true fact, 57% of the people studied in on study showed signs of improvement but that isn't enough for science. Here is some more info about it. I did talk to my doctor before I started using nettles because people can be allergic to them - ironic, I know.

How well has this worked for me? I can own a cat now and I do and she sleeps in my bed. I used to be so allergic that anytime I was in the same room as a cat for longer than 30 minutes my face would swell and I would sneeze for hours. Going to my mom's house when she had two cats was torture. Now I have my sister's cat and things have been great. I was hesitant to let her sleep with me but it doesn't bother me! I have always wanted a cat so this has been a lifesaver.

If you think this is something you want to try PLEASE talk to your doctor first. People can have or develop allergies to nettle and it can be deadly. It is always best to talk to a professional before you start any "alternative" medicine - including essential oils.

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