Why I gave up coffee for Lent

By Tori Hopp - 7:48 PM

I tend to drink a lot of coffee. I didn't used to; it just happened one day. I think it happened when I worked in an office with free coffee. I would come in every morning and enjoy a cup and I got hooked. I went without it for a while but once I realized how much I was spending on a cup from other places I broke down and got a coffee maker at home. That was my downfall.

Every morning for the past six months I would make a cup of coffee before work. Usually just 12 ounces but sometimes I would make more than that depending on how long of a day I had or how much sleep I got the night before. Sometimes I would even go home for lunch and make another cup. I became hooked and I wanted to break the cycle.

I am not a religious person, I grew up Methodist, but I wanted to use Lent as a way to give up something that I have become addicted to. Lent is about sacrificing something for 40 days to show Jesus your love for his sacrifices so why not. When I looked at something that I did every day that was unnecessary, yes Facebook is unnecessary but I work online so I couldn't do it, I came to the conclusion that coffee was the best thing to give up. 

The first day was pretty rough. I was grumpy and spoke my mind when I normally wouldn't say anything. I guess it was a good thing but I was kind of mean to people...that's not cool. By the second day I was much better. I was actually doing okay but then Starbucks happened. They are having a buy one, get one free event and my sister wanted to get one while we were out. I caved and got one. It was nice but after just a few days my body had gotten used to the lack of the caffeine boost and I was jittery and talked way too much. I hate that feeling.

So now I am more focused than ever. I plan to go an extra couple of days to make up for cheating on the fourth day. After the 40 days I hope to only drink coffee every once in a while and go back to drinking green tea everyday. Right now my coffee substitute is grapefruit juice. What did you give up for Lent and why? Let me know!

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