Birthday Party Prep Time!

By Tori Hopp - 6:00 PM

I never celebrate my birthday. Most of the time my mom and I go to lunch and shop and look around in Omaha but otherwise I don't do much. I think the last time I had a party was when I turned 16 and that was a LONG time ago. This July I am turning 29! It is the last of my 20's and I want to actually celebrate it. I don't have a ton of friends but I have a few really good friends and I am excited for them to come and hang out.

Before I can do all this I needed to decide what "theme" I wanted and I needed to finish up my house. When I moved in I had these big ideas and I did maybe two of them before I got busy. I've lived there since September and my walls are still half done. But with a little help from my friend Meagan I am determined to get the house finished and ready for my party!!

First up is coming up with my theme. I love a weird mixture of pretty and girly things but also dark and gothy things. First I wanted a Ouija board themed party where people dressed as their favorite serial killers. Surprisingly most of my friends were totally cool with it! I thought they would hate the idea but they were excited! Then I went into Party City and it changed.

I found plastic flatware that was in a beautiful rose gold color. Yes, they are plastic but I didn't buy them. They are my inspiration and I am looking around to see if I can find real flatware in that color that won't break the bank. So far I haven't had any luck but I am still looking!

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Then on a trip to Hobby Lobby I found some paper plates that were a beautiful white and grey marble. I about died. They would look so beautiful with the rose gold flatware!! That's when I decided I was doing my party in marble and rose gold. It seems weird that I went from ouija board to this but I fell in love and I wasn't going back. The paper plates are plastic coated so they are also not great for waste but I am only inviting maybe 10 people so we should be okay...maybe?

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Now for food. I used to be a cook and I used to decorate cakes professionally so I am kind of picky about food. I was reading A Beautiful Mess and Elsie was talking about Laura's baby shower and everything was perfect! The cupcakes and cake was amazing! I love cacti so I was pretty much excited about the idea of using them in my theme. I planned on having cupcakes and cookies anyway so this was perfect.

Then I saw this Instagram post that was reposted by A Beautiful mess and I fell hard again. My friends and I love La Croix!! Instead of having La Croix cookies though I decided I would have a La Croix bar!! I am coming up with some drinks we can have using la Croix flavors and I am hoping my sister will be the "bartender" for us. She may not agree to it. Pinterest is a big help since I am not a huge drinker. Brit+Co has some great mocktails that you can add alcohol to pretty easily! It's all coming together!

My next item is music but that will come at the very end. Plus I still have to tear out the carpet in my living room, paint, put up the wall paper, make my coffee table, find a rug, tear out the kitchen carpet and put the new floor in, and paint the kitchen. Okay, I have a lot to do! I better get to it!  

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