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By Tori Hopp - 11:33 AM

I seemed to have disappeared and for that I am sorry. It wasn't intentional, I just had some very serious issues come up. While the issues are still happening they are starting to calm down a little so I wanted to give you an update.

I have been super sick these last few weeks. I let something go on for far too long and it almost did me in. Really, I could have died. I knew I had the issue since January but I was doing my best to not let it get to me since I didn't have insurance. Seriously, I almost let myself die because I didn't have insurance to go to the doctor or have the surgery I needed. I won't let this turn into a political rant but COME ON! The US healthcare system is majorly messed up...okay. I am done.

So what actually happened? In late December/early January I started having severe pain in my mouth due to a wisdom tooth. I knew I needed to get it pulled but my lack of insurance was making that nearly impossible. Everyone told me I needed to just do it but I am not made of money nor was I prepared for a $3,000 dentist bill. So I kept it in check and would go through bouts of pain and not being able to sleep or eat because of it. Then a few weeks ago I started to feel ill. Almost like I was getting the flu. I had a headache and my tooth was on fire. It was the worst pain I have ever felt. I remember it was a Tuesday because I said to my mom the I didn't feel like going to the $5 movie because of the pain and she gave me a few pain pills.

While my mom and sister were at the movies I was trying to sleep because the pain pills were kicking my butt. I came home early that day, popped a pill and went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later freezing to death. I was shivering and was unable to move. I tried to text my mom asking if they were still at the movies but she didn't answer. So I laid there until I heard my sister come home and meekly yelled for her. She called my mom back to the house. My mom is a nurse so she immediately gave me Tylenol and told me to sweat it out.

Cut to the next day and I woke up to my alarm clock going off and I couldn't feel the right side of my face. Went to my dentist (still without insurance. My insurance didn't kick in for another week.) and was put on antibiotics and told to go to ER if I started feeling any worse. My infection went from zero to death overnight. Sadly, I missed a concert I was so excited for that night but I guess it was a small price to pay for being alive. My face didn't look normal until Saturday.

That Monday was a holiday so I used that as one more day to recoup and get ready for work the next day. By this time I had missed a week of work and it was hard getting back to it. I liked working from home because the mid-afternoon naps were nice. My only real problem was I was so sick from the antibiotics that I was pale, clammy and looked awful. I work with the public so I spent most of that week locked in my office and only communicated via phone and email.

On top of that my immune system was down so I got a cold by the end of that week. Not just any cold though. No, I had to get a chest cold! My asthma didn't enjoy that. Because of my cold I wasn't able to get my tooth pulled on Friday like was planned. Now I have to wait until July 7th! This means I will continue to be on antibiotics in hopes of keeping the infection away while I wait for surgery.

One of the things that I am looking at now is that C. Diff is a major possibility since I will be on antibiotics most of June. I really hope I don't get it so I am doing everything I can think of to keep it at bay. One of the blogs I love just posted a blog post about her experience with C. Diff and I plan on taking the supplements and eating her "diet" in order to hopefully keep it at bay. Moral of the story is simple - don't ignore your body. If you know something seems off then just bite the bullet and go. Also, stop being scared of the dentist and get the damn tooth pulled!

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