I went to a lavender festival and it was magical

By Tori Hopp - 12:00 PM

I love lavender. It is one of my favorite smells and plants to have around. Lavender has so many amazing uses and the essential oil is...well, essential! When I heard about a lavender festival in a nearby town I knew I had to go!

We have a few lavender farms around us and I've always been interested in visiting one. For one reason or another I just never got around to it. But on Saturday I got to see and experience one. It was a magical experience and we left saying we needed to come back next year.

The night started out with singing Wicked in the car ride over. My sister, my best friend, and her daughter were singing and laughing. When we got to the lavender farm it was already pretty packed but looked so fun. The first thing we did was went to the stage area to listen to the great singer and find some food.

There were burgers, brats, steak sandwiches but not really anything vegetarian. I was pretty surprised by that. I ended up eating a bag of chips and drinking some amazing lavender lemonade. It was so pretty and refreshing. I may have to try and replicated the recipe and share it because it was so good! I also bought some lavender shortbread cookies. They were so good but the lavender taste is pretty strong. If you hate the smell you will not like these cookies.

They have a forbidden forest trail on the property that is a small path through a wooded area with signs about dragons, fairies, and trolls. The owners must be Harry Potter fans because there was a lot of Potter decorations. Not that I'm complaining.

They had a few free activities and some you had to pay for. One of the things I wanted to do was make a fairie catcher but I didn't like the feathers they had. I decided I wanted to make it on my own using some feathers I have. Maybe it will be a DIY? They also had stone decorating and face painting.

The paid activities were broom making (man I soooo wanted to do it but $15 was a lot!) and wreath and flower crown making. You could also pay $5 and pick a bunch of lavender from the field. We have a lavender bush that I regularly harvest but my sister wanted to do it and it was a lot of fun.

After that, we sat and watched everyone dancing as the sun went down. It was such a fun and magical night. I am so happy I got to partake in the experience and share the memories with my friend and sister. We all agreed as we were leaving that we would have to go again. When I woke up the next day the other lavender farm in the area is doing LavenderStock the weekend before my birthday. I think I know what we will be doing!!

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