My zero waste office

By Tori Hopp - 4:30 PM

I work in an office. Most of the time I am not in the office but I do have one. Being zero waste while working in this setting can be a challenge but I have a few tricks to make it easier.
First I make sure I have a reusable cup in my office at all times. The one I have was a gift for volunteering with the local Relay for Life event. I love it but my stainless steel straw doesn't fit in the lid. I use this one mostly for the free coffee at the office or filling it up with water.

Since I am in my car a lot, I take the cup with me to fill up at gas stations as well. Most of the local gas stations and coffee shops give you a discount for filling up your own cup! It's super easy to get a cup of coffee and still be zero waste.

I always have my lunch kit with me so I always have my stainless steel straw, a cloth napkin, and a set of bamboo cutlery. You can buy one like I have here! It's super helpful for when I go to lunch someplace and they don't have reusable cutlery or if I bring my lunch with me and I can't find my fork that I (usually) keep in my desk. I love this kit so much!

We also have a recycle bin in the main print room for paper that our cleaner picks up and takes to the recycling center. I work at a newspaper so we have a lot of paper. I also keep a box in my office for paper as well. IF I have plastic bottles, which is rare at work, I have another bin set up for plastics and the cleaner takes that for me as well.

The biggest thing that I haven't figured out how to deal with is business cards. I pass out a lot of business cards and I tend to receive quite a few as well. To make sure I save the ones given to me I bought a business card organizer. It is a small bound book with slots to put business cards in. It's easier to carry them around with me and I won't lose them either. My business cards are the most basic ones I could get but I know people won't keep them. I wish I could get recycled paper or even seeded paper but my office won't pay for that.

That's the basics of my office. I also cut up some of the paper in my recycle bin to use for scrap notes and then throw them back into the bin but otherwise that is it! I wish I didn't have to travel so much but that comes with my job. At least my car gets great gas mileage.

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