Buycott App Review

By Tori Hopp - 3:04 PM

Sometimes it can be hard to know if a company tests on animals or what their stance on climate change is. That's why when I found out about Buycott I was pretty excited. But does it work and is it helpful?

According to their website, Buycott is an app that lets you vote with your wallet. When you scan a UPC code it tells you a little more about the company that makes the product. You choose the campaigns that matter to you and the app tells you if the company stands for what you do. It's pretty simple and easy to use.

The campaigns that I have are about vegan products, testing on animals, the illusion of choice and climate change. I have a few more but those are the ones that I really focused on. I try to make sure I buy things that are not tested on animals so that was one of the first campaigns I followed. You can check out the campaigns on their website before you decide to download the app.

My biggest problem is that they don't seem to update their social media so I feel like they are done with the app and won't update it anymore. It's not broken so I don't see an issue with that but when a company changes their stance on something it makes me wonder how quickly they will change it in the app.

I would suggest using the app when out but doing your own research. You can create your own campaigns and that makes me a little nervous but otherwise I think this app will be super helpful and hopefully they will continue to support it. If they don't then use this app with a grain of salt.

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