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By Tori Hopp - 2:30 PM

I realized I have never told you anything about me other than what was in my welcome post. I'm not a super interesting person but I wanted to let you know a few facts about me that you might find fun.

  1. I read tarot cards! I have been reading for about a year now but I love it and it has become a great way to relax. I even have tarot card readings available here if you would like to purchase one! They can range from basic to intricate. The cards are super helpful and I do a card a day too.
  2. I have a mild obsession with ouija boards. I currently own two, one is older and hangs on my bedroom wall and the other is from the 80's maybe and sits in my office. Anytime I find one at an antique store or garage sale I have to buy it. I also have ouija leggings, coffee mug, pint glass and I found some shot glasses that I am eyeing pretty hardcore.
  3. I used to be a pastry and sous chef for 5 years. I started out going to college to get my culinary degree but changed to art. I love to cook and I love to mess around with recipes. Strange I haven't done a recipe here yet but I promise they are coming! I have a whole list of them!
  4. I am in the process of opening a store where I will sell bulk items and bath and beauty items that I make using all natural ingredients! I plan on launching an etsy first (in fact the store is up but currently only has tarot readings) then moving to brick and mortar. My friend has a building that she may turn into a coffee shop so we may team up! Hopefully we can because this has been a dream of mine for a very long time.
  5. I never wear jeans anymore. Okay, I wear them very seldom. I used to only wear jeans and t-shirts but one day decided to wear a dress with leggings (winter in Iowa means leggings!) and the rest was history. I only really wear leggings and long shirts or skater dresses. I love maxi skirts in the summer though cause Iowa gets super hot. Finding plus size dresses and skirts at thrift stores has been a real challenge but I have a few people that can sew so (ha) I may have them make me some!
  6. I am 100% addicted to Pure Leaf tea, I know it comes in plastic but I recycle it! I can't go a day without my unsweetened black tea. I love that the tea is literally just black tea and water. I haven't tried the other flavors because I am not a fan of sugar in my tea but the black tea is amazing! And no I am not sponsored but I would love it if they did. Call me!
  7. I like cats a lot but dogs are my favorite. Big dogs I should say. Currently we have two cats, Sushi and Sully, and one dog named Bella. Bella is a Boston Terrier/Shih Tzu mix so she looks like a Boston Terrier with the length of hair of a Shih Tzu. She is also small and needy. The cats are much calmer...most of the time. Sushi is about five years old and we just got Sully so they are not getting along too well right now but Bella loves them both and will often break up the hissing matches. She is a good dog but I can't wait until I can get a big dog! 
  8. I am a huge fan of flea markets and farmers markets. Most Saturdays are spent with my aunt or best friend digging through junk or looking for a great farmers market. We have two where I live, one at a hospital and one on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but they are pretty small. Most of the time we head to Omaha because they have a great variety of vendors and I love me some fresh tomatoes. Plus I love supporting local farmers and producers. Guess that is the Iowa in me.
  9. I work in sales and marketing but my background is graphic design. I have a degree in graphic design but I hardly use it. Seems like a waste but it has been helpful since I was able to design exactly what I wanted for my logo and labels for my products. While I did start out in culinary (see number 3) I was actually going to go to school for archaeology and had a full ride scholarship to go into science but I chose not to. Do I regret it? Sometimes but I like my life so I guess it worked out.
  10. As much as I DO NOT want kids I am very motherly. I am sure my friends would say I am the mother of the group even though I am the only one without kids. I look after people and I love to cook or bake for people. In fact tonight I am making brownies for a friend who just lost her Grandma. Well that and to test it for the blog...but mostly for my friend! I guess it is the Cancer in me.
  11. I have met a lot of famous people. In high school I went to a lot of concerts and I always ended up meeting the bands. If you were a fan of 2005-2007 emo music then you will be pretty excited by the list of people. I met: Branden Urie, all of Fall Out Boy, Hawthrone Heights multiple times, Gabe from Cobra Starship and a lot more. But the best was meeting Jared Leto! He is such a nice person and so sweet to his fans. Non-emo people would include: Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Phil Lester (amzingphil on YouTube) and maybe some more. My brain isn't working anymore.
  12. BONUS FACT: I am a Cancer and while at first it would seem like it wouldn't fit me it really does. I am pretty level headed but I do get emotional a lot. I just hide it. I like to take care of people and I would rather help someone than help myself. Also, I am really into Astrology but not more than my sister. She loves to do birth charts for people. It's crazy.
Well that is it for now. It took a lot to come up with these but maybe I will do it again sometime. Sorry for not being more interesting.

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