Halo Top ice cream taste test

By Tori Hopp - 10:00 AM

I am a true lover of ice cream. I could easily eat it everyday and after ever meal. I shouldn't do that because I am lactose intolerant but I sometimes think it would be worth it.

Another issue I have with ice cream is that it is full of sugar and really bad for you. I was pretty excited when I found out about Halo Top. I first heard about this from a friend that was doing Weight Watchers. She made a comment that she could eat the whole pint and not blow her points. I was intrigued.

So I set out on an adventure to locate it. I live in a small town in Iowa so finding it was hard. I could only find three flavors at first but noticed it at a few more stores a month or two later. I tried a few flavors and decided I needed to review it.

The first thing to realize about Halo Top is that it isn't exactly like ice cream. The texture is different and it is a little more solid. I would compare it more to frozen yogurt. It is high in protein. low in calories and sugar and uses all natural ingredients.

Vanilla Bean
This flavor was nice but it wasn't as "vanilla" as I would have liked. To me it just tasted like sweet, frozen milk with a little vanilla in it. I would have liked more of a punch since I usually buy vanilla bean ice cream. The texture was interesting. Like I said before it doesn't have the same texture as normal ice cream so it took some getting used to. I just would have liked more flavor but overall it wasn't bad,

Birthday Cake
This flavor was much better. I really enjoyed it and it actually tasted like vanilla cake, frosting and sprinkles. I wasn't expecting to really like this flavor since I am not a fan of cake (the horror) but it was really good and I would totally eat it again.

Mint Chocolate Chip
I loved this one. The mint flavor was intense but not in a bad way. It had small chocolate chunks and they really played nicely off the mint flavor. The texture was a little better but that is because I actually let it sit out for a few minutes before diving in. (it says to do this but I am also in too big of a hurry to wait) I would totally eat this one again, I really loved it.

Sea Salt Caramel
Oh man this one is pretty much the best. The ice cream itself had great flavor and the texture is closer to regular ice cream. The salt flavor is subtle but the caramel is so good. I am not a fan of super sweet things and sometimes caramel tastes too sweet but this was perfect. The balance of sweet, salty and creamy was the best. This one is my favorite out of all of the flavors I tried.

Have you tried Halo Top ice cream? Which flavor do you love? They have so many flavors that I haven't tried that I might have to do a part two!

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