Vegan Deodorant Test: Take 2

By Tori Hopp - 1:00 PM

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When I did the vegan deodorant test before I was just trying a few brands and seeing if I liked them or if I thought they worked. I didn't realize there is a whole step before just rubbing it on myself that I needed to do and that I would actually come to like one of the brands I said I didn't! So this is the second take of that test that also includes a few tricks and a few new brands.

First thing you need to know before you start using vegan or all natural deodorants is that you need a detox period. For about one to two weeks you will smell and it will suck a little but it's your bodies way of getting back into a natural rhythm. That being said, when I first reviewed the vegan deodorants I didn't know that so it wasn't really fair.

Tom's of Maine Redo
I'm very sorry Tom's of Maine. When I tested you before I didn't know that it takes time for your body to get used to vegan or all natural deodorants. It makes sense but I just didn't know. I got desperate when I ran out of my homemade version and used you. I was so against using you that I almost went without. But I am so glad I picked you back up because I now see that I didn't give you a fair chance.

I use the apricot scent pretty much on the regular now. I still feel a little wet but I don't notice a strong body odor smell and that's really the most important part. The wetness comes from the fact that it isn't an antiperspirant. In fact, antiperspirants are kinda bad for you. You need to just don't need to smell. I work with the public, and I live with a very honest 19-year-old, and I am not uncomfortable to lift my arms and let you smell me. I do have to reapply when the weather is 100 degrees with 100% humidity but I'm pretty sure I would have to do that regardless of what I used.

I do notice a very small amount of irritation when I apply after I shave or if I get really sweaty but otherwise I haven't had any major problems. The apricot scent seems to last all day and even when I get hot and sweaty I can still smell it.

Kiss My Face Sport Deodorant Stick
I liked the idea of this one because it is for sport so it would have to be a little better at combatting pit stank. It does and I have been pretty happy with it but sometimes, at the end of the day, I feel like I smell. I don't work a hard job and I definitely do not exercise so the sport strength should last awhile. Maybe I am just extra stinky.

I do like it does a great job at keeping me dry as well. We have had a very hot start to fall here in Iowa but the deodorant has kept up throughout the day. It's when I get ready for bed and when I wake up that I get hit with body odor. Does it amplify it? Does it make it worse? I don't plan on using this one as much as the others.

Desert Essence Lavender Tea Tree Oil Deodorant
I really like the smell of this one. Lavender and tea tree is a favorite scent combination of mine. When I was researching vegan deodorants this brand popped up. I had never heard of them so I wanted to give them a try. I liked the idea of the lavender and tea tree oil because they are both anti-bacterial and will help with stinky sweat.

I really like that it keeps me dry and stink free throughout the day. This one had an unfair advantage though. The other two were tested in 80-100 degree heat. When I started using this one, Iowa finally got the memo that it was fall and it's been 60-65 degrees. Nonetheless, it still holds up and I was comfortable all day. There was a slight burning sensation when I applied it to freshly shaved pits but all deodorants tend to do that.

So which one wins? I really liked them all! They are all similar in price with Tom's of Maine being the cheapest and even the deodorant itself seems pretty similar. I really like Desert Essence because it seemed to make me less stinky by the end of the day but all of them are great. I do find myself using the Kiss My Face Sport more so I will declare it the winner!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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