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By Tori Hopp - 9:56 AM

I am not an unhealthy person, per say. I tend to eat healthier meals but I overdo the portions. Especially being a vegetarian/vegan, I would eat three times as much food as needed. I eat my feelings. If I am stressed I reach for candy. When I am happy I want pizza (I love pizza) and when I am sad I need that ice cream. My usual response to everything is food.

So I have decided I need to make a change. While I am fine with being plus sized, I want to be able to feel more comfortable in my skin, help my bad knee and my asthma. Side note, my bad knee is not from being overweight. I slipped on ice a few years ago and now that knee locks up or sounds like gravel. It sucks. Being overweight doesn't help it.

There are a lot of diets or "lifestyle changes" out there but which one to choose? Should I even do a diet or whatever is popular right now? Maybe I should just cut portions and exercise more? Can I even do keto? AHHH!

I went to a keto party with a mom a few months ago and I was intrigued but quickly realized it was a party to get you to buy their drinks. I'm all for diets and whatever but the minute you make me buy something to help me speed up the process I will rebel hard. I am not made of money. The keto diet is a real diet that doctors use so the science is there. I just don't want to spend money on the damn drinks. Plus, the keto diet will not work with a vegan lifestyle. You need a lot of fat and most recipes come from meat, cheese, and other dairy products. I tried fat bombs once...it was too much for me.

The keto diet would be perfect for me because I am insulin resistant and I have PCOS. My doctor even suggested this a long time ago before keto was the hot, new buzzword. I love carbs though...like truly love, and since my mom does it I notice that sometimes the food seems really boring. I hate boring food.

A year ago I also tried Weight Watchers but after three months quit because, again, money is an issue. I liked it but I was always so stressed about making my points or going over and feeling terrible about it. It was stressing me out! I follow a lot of Weight Watchers people on Instagram and they make it look so easy. I really liked the idea of it and I did lose some weight in the three months. But it was a lot of work and money.

It sucks when you want to get healthy and the options that work best for you cost a lot of money or are the exact opposite of what you would normally eat. I don't eat meat, not for ethical reasons although that does play into it, but keto will be a real struggle without meat. I liked Weight Watchers but it costs way too much for me. What to do? What to do?

I found a spreadsheet online that helps you track your Weight Watcher points. They also have a calculator that gives you points for the food you eat and a daily allowance points calculator. With this I came up with 31-35 daily points. If I remember correctly that is around what I had for points last year as well. The spreadsheet is easy to use and doesn't cost any money!

I will also be cutting down on carbs and upping my fat intake. Since I am mostly vegetarian versus vegan this will be easier. I will eat full-fat sour cream, greek yogurt, and full-fat cheese. I have spent my whole life avoiding full-fat dairy (I was always told that is why I was overweight...it scared me as a 10 year-year-old) but now is the time! I will also be watching portion control and getting out more. I can take my dog for a walk. She will love that!

I will also be sharing pictures of my food and some easy recipes as I go. This blog will quickly change from a vegan blog to a healthy eating blog. I can see it now! If you want vegan recipes check out The Smoothie Vegetarians. They are now a full vegan blog with some really amazing recipes. I will still be posting there as well. Let's do this!

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