2018 Goals

By Tori Hopp - 10:09 AM

I had some major goals I wanted to crush in 2017. Almost none of them happened. For one reason or another, I never got around to doing anything I had planned. But that happens every year. I set goals for myself that I know I cannot ever achieve.

What I did achieve is starting my business Herbarium. We are an online new age store that sells crystals, herbs, essential oils and more. It has been going really well and I have been pleasantly surprised. Check it out (shameless plug)

Other than that I didn't do anything I wanted. I wanted to travel more and have more fun but I spent most of 2017 sick with an infection and then strep and the flu. I wanted to read more books but I never took the time. I wanted to focus on my freelance business and work toward working from home but I didn't do any freelance business this year.

My 2018 goals are simple. They are something I can achieve and that makes me happy. My first goal is to NOT GET SICK! I used to drink grapefruit juice every morning and I didn't get sick the entire year I did this. I stopped for some reason and I spent most of 2017 with the sniffles, the flu or just feeling gross. I want to go back to drinking grapefruit juice every day.

My next goal is to FINALLY finish working on my house. When we moved into our house last year I had every intention to paint the rooms, tear out the carpet and do some simple remodeling in the kitchen. I wanted to organize the pantry with bulk items. I wanted to rearrange my living room and make it more open. I have done nothing. January I am going to paint and tear out the carpet in the living room. After that, we will work on the kitchen. Baby steps but by the end of 2018I want my house to be perfect.

My last goal is to do something fun every week. Take some time for me and do something I have wanted to do. Recently my sister and I hung out in the city and visited all these cool stores and just walked around. It was so much fun and it was such a simple time. This also includes doing more vendor and craft shows for Herbarium. I want to expand my reach with my business and be even busier with it!

What are your goals for 2018?

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