Seventh Generation: Products I Love (and a few I don't!)

By Tori Hopp - 9:53 AM

I am always looking for products that are good for the environment and clean without using harsh chemicals. When I found out about Seventh Generation I was intrigued so I bought a few products and have been using them for a few months. Here are the products I loved and few I didn't.

Laundry Detergent - Fresh Lavender Scent
We first tried the free and clear laundry detergent but I like my clothes to have a scent so we stood in the laundry aisle at Target smelling all the scents. I liked the blue eucalyptus and lavender scent but my sister liked just the lavender so we got that.

I love this soap. It really does leave my clothes fresh and clean. It has a really nice, soft smell which I love a lot because sometimes lavender can be too overpowering. It also tacked cat pee like a champ. We recently bought a new kitty into our home and he was showing dominance over our other cat by peeing in my room. It was horrible but Seventh Generation actually worked really well.

Hand Soap - Fresh Lemon and Tea Tree
Honestly, I love every scent of their hand soap but this one is my favorite. We always grab a few of these when we are at Target because it contains great ingredients and helps clean bacteria from hands. We usually have one in our bathroom and kitchen!

Our other favorite scents are Lavender Flower & Mint and Hibiscus & Cardamom. What I love about these scents is that they are scented with essential oils. Yay for no chemicals! The Free & Clean one isn't a favorite of ours because, like with the laundry detergent, we like a scent but it is great if you want a plant-based hand soap.

Toilet Paper - 100% Recycled Bath Tissue
I absolutely loved this bathroom tissue. It was soft and wasn't like other recycled bath tissue. Others we had tried felt like the cheap toilet paper you use in public restrooms. This toilet paper really held up and did the job. I especially loved that it was unbleached. The idea of bleaching toilet paper just seems dumb and unnecessary.

My only real problem with this is how expensive it is where I live. But if I know I am needing things from Amazon I will throw on a few packages with my order. Plus I love the packaging can be recycled or you can get it individually wrapped in paper!

Paper Towels - 100% Recycled Unbleached Paper Towels
I don't like buying paper towels but with the recent cat pee problems and the fact that our other cat tends to knock over coffee drinks, I decided I wanted something on hand that I could throw out instead of washing cat pee soaked towels. That grosses me out.

I really liked these because they were super absorbent and since they were unbleached they didn't have any harsh chemicals added to them. The packaging is also recyclable. They are really hard to find where I live so I usually pick them up when I go to Target (our closest Target is an hour away!) or Amazon.

Now let's move on to things I didn't really like...

Fabric Softener Sheets - Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender
I really wanted to love these but I just didn't think they worked well. They smelled great and left the scent on the clothes but the clothes always came out with static and I can not stand that! I am not really a fan of liquid fabric softener but I do plan on trying their liquid to see if it is better.

Dish Liquid - Lavender Flower & Mint
I love the smell of this but damn is it not good with grease. My pans never really felt very clean when I cooked something that would have a little grease. Not that it doesn't clean, just didn't perform as well as I would have liked. I went back to my Dawn until I can find something else.

What products from Seventh Generation? What should I check out? Let me know in the comments below!
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