Spring Time Preparations

By Tori Hopp - 10:33 AM

Every year I have tried and failed, to have a garden. There have been some successes, I had tomatoes for days one year, but mostly a lot of failures. Last year I planted tomatoes and peppers only in my little garden area at my house but I got sick so the weeds took it over. I still had some tomatoes but not as many as I wanted. The kid I pay to mow my lawn took out all my pepper plants before I could even enjoy them. This year I want to try something different.

This year we are using the space we used last year for some lavender bushes and maybe some rosemary. If you plant rosemary by your door it brings good luck but it also is said to keep witches out of your home. We allow witches because we don't discriminate 😉

So that leaves me with a bit of a pickle. Where will I plant my fruit and vegetables? I love to grow what we eat and some things my family will enjoy. It's a great way to get out of the house and to save some money.

I have quite a large yard but it has a slope and quite a few trees. There really isn't a good place for a garden unless it is literally my front yard. I am okay with that since I don't like to mow (that's why I hired someone!) but it might not look the most attractive. Plus our town has weird yard beautification rules so I am sure the city council would have something to say. (thank goodness for small towns I guess)

My only option is container gardening. I have been prepping for this. I have bought quite a few large, sadly plastic, containers from the dollar store as I found them. I have about six saved. They are not the most attractive but they will work. I also found some giant pots in my garage when I moved in so I will be utilizing those as well. All together I have about 8-10 pots to work with. Now, what will I plant?

Only certain plants can be planted in a container. Actually, that isn't true. Most, if not, all plants can thrive in a container. All it takes is a little know-how and the right container. If you are planting potatoes, radishes, carrots - root vegetables - you need to make sure your container is deep enough. Tomatoes are fine in a normal pot but the pot needs to be big enough to stand the weight of a top-heavy plant. Peppers can do well in just about anything as long as it is deep enough for the roots. I have used old coffee tins for herbs. You get the idea.

I know for sure I am planting cherry tomatoes (my ultimate favorite snack) and yellow tomatoes. I may plant a couple other types if I can find more containers. I want to plant green peppers and jalapenos. I personally hate peppers but my aunt and my best friend love them. I would love to plant some red potatoes but that might be a challenge with the containers I have.

A year or so ago I was at the Omaha Farmers Market and I saw a booth with hanging baskets with salad greens being grown. I thought this was a genius idea! I saved a few hanging baskets and will be growing romaine and arugula. The other will have a mix I bought online with a lot of really awesome lettuces. (BTW Botanical Interests is my favorite place to get seeds)

I will also be trying my hand at planting lemon cucumbers in containers. Not sure how it will work but I think I can rig something up. A year ago my mom bought me a book on square foot gardening and it had some great ideas. I am so looking forward to starting my garden.

As for the fruit, I plan on planting strawberries in a hanging basket. I will also utilize one of the containers for blueberries. I would love to plant peach and apple trees but I don't have the room. That will have to wait until I find my perfect home in the country.

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