Bucket List Update

By Tori Hopp - 3:30 PM

The last time I posted my monthly bucket list & goals was in January. A lot has happened since then and I wanted to give you an update.

Here is a refresher on my goals and bucket list:

  1. Paint the living room
    I picked out a color from Valspar called Pearly Gates and I will be using that in my living room and kitchen for the wall color.
  2. Tear out the living room carpet
    The carpet is nasty and stained (it was when we moved in) but with two cats and a dog, it has just gotten worse. Plus it is so hard to vacuum up all the fur! Tearing out the carpet will help.
  3. Clean and organize my bedroom
    This one is already half done! I use my bedroom as an office so I find it hard to work when I have clothes all over the place. Since the launch of Herbarium, my room got even more cluttered. I am working to fix that!
Bucket List
  1. Read the five (FIVE) books I have started on my nightstand
    I keep buying books at Thriftbooks.com, starting them, and then leaving them half done on my nightstand. I want to finish all the books by the end of January.
  2. Take a walk
    It's been freezing cold here recently but it has warmed up this week. Before the snow (possibly) comes on Friday I want to go outside and take a walk. Winter blues are a real thing people! Get out of the house in the winter and it will help.
  3. Buy a new Tarot Deck
    This one will only happen if I meet my goals at work. I feel like treating myself is a great motivator to actually work hard and get things done! Do I need a new tarot deck? No, but I found one that I absolutely love and that is rare. You can see it here.

I did paint the living room...sorta. I got about 90% done before I got busy again and I haven't touched it since. I took a week off just do paint and tear out the carpet and it took a lot longer than I planned. The color is awesome (Valspar Pearly Gates) and I love it but it does make the large room feel a little cold. To combat that we are getting a bright and fun rug and new pillows for the sofa. Don't even get me started on painting the kitchen...

We didn't get to the carpet because it took longer to paint than I thought it would. The carpet will come out soon! It has to! I am tired of it and since I bought a ton of new plants Sushi has been digging them out of their pots and getting dirt all over. It would be so much easier to clean if it wasn't for the carpet.

I did clean my bedroom and I organized it a little bit. It looked really nice but then I had to go on a work trip for a week and destroyed my room looking for clothes to pack. I need to go back in and organize it again. It is so messy right now! Plus, my office is now in my room so I need a nice space to work so I don't feel like I am a hamster on a wheel running in place.

As for the bucket list things I haven't done any of those either. It's been cold and icy in Iowa so a walk has been out of the question, I brought my books with me on my trip but never opened them and I didn't buy the new deck because I didn't make my work goal. I was off by $1,000 and I was so upset.

So what are my March goals and bucket list? Well, to be honest, it's the same as January. March - August are my busy season for Herbarium so it will be difficult to finish the painting and carpet but I am determined to do it! Are you making monthly goals? Let me know!

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